Court Reporting

Court Reporting - it's what we do!

Serving the needs of the international legal community since 1976, we have grown and expanded to provide a centralized operation to assist the worldwide legal community in all aspects of litigation support.

Founder and President, Paula Laws, RPR, FPR, CMRS, FAPR is a Court Reporter and Certified Manager of Court Reporting Services with a Masters Degree in Human Resources. She is active in the National Court Reporters Association, The Society for the Advancement of Reporting (STAR), and the Florida Court Reporters Association.  She is a past-president of the National Court Reporters Association, The Society for the Advancement of Reporting and the Florida Court Reporters Association - at Laws, we take our business seriously!

Court Reporters - Our court reporters are all screened by our company and all have successfully passed a professional competency test for accuracy and language skills. We have court reporters available on a 24-hour, 7-days a week basis across the US and also available for international work.

Realtime Reporting - No need to wait for that final copy! Read accurate, verbatim transcripts as they happen on your computer with our realtime reporting technology.

Daily Copies - Rapid, same-day delivery of transcript and deposition copies.

Video recording and Videoconferencing - Laws regularly supplies video resources for depositions, arbitrations, job interviews and other events.  We  have high-definition videoconferencing technology and facilities available nationwide for legal and non-legal use, 24 hours a day.

Internet Streaming of Text and Video -  Attorneys can receive live text and video streams of legal events from anywhere – including the courtroom.  We have specialized equipment to allow multiple sites to simultaneaously connect to a proceeding and receive either the text, the video or both.

Electronic Transcripts - We can deliver transcripts to you electronically - via email in a multitude of formats - within hours of the event.  With Internet-linked Depositions, our software can transfer depositions directly to your computer live, as they happen. Attorneys and other participants can monitor these depositions and - in some cases - take direct part in the proceedings.

Spanish Proceedings - We can take your proceedings in Spanish and provide the transcript in Spanish.  We are capable of covering everything from your basic depositions to complex litigation cases, conferences and arbitrations, including realtime and rough-drafts.

Subpoenas - Our staff is available to serve subpoenas anywhere in the United States.

Interpreters - We schedule interpreters in any language.

Multi-media - Laws offers a broad spectrum of technologies that make your court presentations easier. Along with video equipment, we provide litigation services including document scanning, coding, OCR, and computer-generated story-boards. We have the facilities to scan exhibits and other documents for easy access, word searches and cross-referencing during a trial or deposition.

Closed-Captioning - Laws court reporters can supply online closed-captioning, which means we provide services for the hearing impaired.  We have experience in television broadcasts, political meetings, sports events and conventions.