Laws Reporting can arrange mediations that help minimize the gap that can separate people from settling a legal case. We have neutral mediation locations available and experienced staff to ensure smooth negotiation.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a combined effort between parties and a professionally-trained and completely impartial third-party person called a mediator. The objective is to settle the case before it even reaches trial, in a way that all parties involved are satisfied.

Why Use a Mediator?
Parties in a case are much more inclined to listen to professional mediators than to each other’s attorneys when it comes to resolving a case. This is because unlike each side of the dispute, the mediators are always neutral. They have no reason for a hidden agenda, which promotes trust rather than suspicion in proposed settlement options. They can help the parties work together to eliminate some of the “sticking” points in a case that may have thus far only kept it from being resolved.

What Can Mediation Achieve?
Lawsuits are pricey. The longer they are drawn out, the higher the price tag. Finding a reasonable solution before the case makes it to trial saves both parties money, time and stress. Orange Legal’s professional mediation services can help bring the case to a close much faster than a long lawsuit, especially when a trial is involved, thereby creating a chance for closure. Closure gives parties an opportunity to heal damaged relationships and ease financial burdens that result from ongoing litigation.