Records Retrieval Service

Laws is available 24 hours a day for records pick up and understands the importance,  priority  and confidentiality of document handling.   We will provide you with prompt, cost-effective and dependable service

At Laws we can support your investigation with photographers and videographers to document site inspections, chronicle injuries and recovery, and create day-in-the-life videos.

We can obtain medical, business, and federal, state, and municipal agency records, then deliver them to you in print or digital format.  Plus, we can scan your records and exhibits to make them securely accessible 24/7 via the Internet.

We can support you at trial by preparing multimedia presentations, digital exhibit databases, and trial boards, and by serving witnesses with subpoenas. We also provide courtroom playback, dealing with the technology while you concentrate on your case.

Whether you're an attorney, staff, adjuster, Plaintiff or Defendant, let Laws retrieve the pieces of your case.